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Lush and green surroundings of Kormoran Wellness Medical SPA encourages to take active leisure time. While staying with us, take a walk or bike ride around the Słowinski National Park. Look for moving dunes that every single year look different. Enter the lighthouse in Czołpino and look at the sea from just as the lightouse keeper does. Check out the cottages in Kluki and move back to the times when man lived closer to nature. Słowiński National Park is step away. Let yourself to make this step!


Do you know what does the name of Słowinski National Park came from? Of course, from the S...
Legendary hills

Legendary hills

If you like legends and mysteries you will definitely want to see this place. Rowokół is a...
Lighthouse in Czołpino

Lighthouse in Czołpino

Thinking about a bike tour? Check out the lighthouse in Czołpino. From our hotel you will ...
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