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Oferta elastyczna ze śniadaniem

Oferta elastyczna ze śniadaniem

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  • accommodation in comfortable rooms
  • breakfast
  • unlimited Wi-Fi access

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Muzeum Wsi Słowińskiej w Klukach "Czarne Wesele" impreza folklorystyczna z kopaniem torfu, wypiekiem chleba, pokazem rękodzieła i występami kapel i zespołów  kaszubskich.

Regaty Windsurfingowe na Jeziorze Gardno o puchar Prezydenta Słupska

Wydmy Ruchome w Czołpinie i Latarnia Morska na terenie Słowińskiego Parku Narodowego

Dycha po piachu - sportowe zmagania na odcinku 10 km w terenie wydmowym

Terms of reservation:

Arrival: 16:00
Departure: 10:00
Cancellation of reservation


Booking is deemed made on advance payment.


  1. The person booking, when booking a stay for other people acts on behalf and for the benefit of these people. The booking person accepts full responsibility for observance of these conditions by all the people covered by booking.
  2. The right to make changes or cancel is granted only to the booking person.
  3. A proof authorising to implement benefits is booking confirmation. Booking confirmation is a document confirming essential terms, in particular type of stay and value of the services provided


  1. In the period before the end of 30 days after the date of starting the stay the person booking is entitled to cancel the booking without sustaining any costs. The paid amount will be entirely paid to account of the booking person, or, in the case of payments by credit card crediting the credit card of the booking person will be made to the whole amount collected from the credit card.
  2. Should the booking be cancelled or changed after the term referred to in item 1 the prepayment will not be returned.
  3. The booking person has the possibility to change the term of stay within 7 days before the planned date of arrival. The condition is availability of vacancies in the desired time, observing the same or more days of stay.
  4. The facility has the right to cancel booking in the case of the lack of accepted by the booking person conditions of cancellation, settlements and booking changes.
  5. The facility may also withdraw from provision of services in part in the event when the booking person or a person reported by them to book violate the legal order, in particular:
    a) in the case of accommodation refusal or obligation to check out of the abovementioned persons at hotels due to reprehensible conduct,
    b) in the case of committing an act prohibited by the law.
  6. When making any cash returns, the booking person is not entitled to interest on paid amounts.
  7. The facility is not responsible for untimely booking person showing up and participants in the facility where stay was bought. The facility does not return any related costs, in particular part of the price for unused stay.
  8. There is a possibility of crediting the value of unused stay for future accommodation services provided in the facility. The condition is using the issued voucher within 4 months from the date of issuing the document and availability of places.
  9. Disputes arising between the facility and the booking person or using the services will be handled before common courts competent for registered office of the facility.


Any complaints concerning the stay should be addressed to the Hotel by e-mail to the address:


According to the provisions of the Act of 29.08.1997 on Personal Data Protection data introduced will be processed only for the purpose of completing booking. The Hotel entrusts data processing to the system operator - - PROFITROOM Sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw. Certainly, you shall be entitled to view your personal data, update it, or demand to remove it.

Child policy Children up to 4 years old are free of charge if they sleep with parents. Children older than 5 years are charged with a smaller surcharge.

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